OPL responds to questions on resources at the new Ādisōke facility

The Ottawa Public Library team has responded to the questions I posed

Q: Will the full range of materials now in the Ottawa Room be available at the new facility? Will there be any deletions, additions, or format changes, such as digitization?

A (OPL): The Ottawa Room at OPL’s Main branch will transform into a new space at Ādisōke called ‘Living Ottawa’. Living Ottawa on the second floor of OPL will feature collections, seating, study spaces, exhibits and programs that celebrate Ottawa’s past, present and future. As we transition to this new space, a collection analysis of the Ottawa Room will be undertaken to understand any duplication with LAC’s collection and potential for digitization. Additionally, users of the Ottawa Room will be surveyed to understand how they are currently using the collection and how we can support them as we move towards Living Ottawa. With a balance of collections, seating, resources and programs, Living Ottawa will emphasize the preservation and creation of historical materials, as well as the recognition and celebration of what is happening today as the history of tomorrow.

Q: Given the wide range of genealogy resources at LAC, what will happen to the present OPL genealogy resources at Main?

A (OPL):  Similarly, OPL’s Genealogy holdings will benefit from a collection analysis to better understand any duplication with LAC collections. We anticipate bringing over to Ādisōke all OPL’s non-duplicated Genealogy collection from the Main branch for a combined collection of approximately 19,700 items. OPL’s Genealogy Collection includes a wide selection of circulating and non-circulating references, indexes, books, e-books, and DVDs as well as access to many great online resources. Ādisōke’s Genealogy Centre will invite clients to be active participants in research and discovery in a world-class research centre, combining OPL and LAC’s extensive genealogical services and collections.

As a supplemental, I’ve asked about the fate of duplicate material, hoping it might find a home in a suburban branch, such as Centrepointe, which already has a substantial local history and genealogy collection, which is more convenient than travelling downtown.

For reference, here at the responses to the questions posed to LAC.

LAC responds to questions on resources at the new Ādisōke facility

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