LAC New Blog Series: Improving your online experience

Karen Linauskas, director of Online Experience Division at Library and Archives Canada, authored a blog post about changes to online services.
It ends with an invitation “Your feedback and engagement will be invaluable, so we welcome comments on the blog series and invite you to look out for other opportunities to help us test new products and features.”

Two people posted comments shown below that post. A third, mine, is “awaiting moderation.” Here’s what I wrote.

Thank you for the update on this activity.

Your sneak peek at the new website shows equal profile given to six aspects of LAC services, whereas the existing site provides direct links to major resources for services to the public, like census and military heritage. Will that mean an extra step for by far the largest client group?

Please consider adding a way to keep current with new resources as they become available, much as does at

I found your email in my spam folder. Perhaps there something in the content that made it suspicious!

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