Military Monday: Canadian Army Service Numbers

Following up on last Monday’s post that included a mention of WW2 Canadian Regimental Numbers, the book Regimental Numbers of the Canadian Army 1936 – 1960 by Clive M Law details assignment by military district blocks and sub-blocks.

In case you’re not familiar with the Canadian military districts, there’s a summary with a map and table at Each MD was assigned a regimental number prefix that applied to active and reserve forces.

In MD3, Eastern Ontario and parts of Western Quebec, the Cameron Highlanders of Ottawa were assigned C 426000 to C 426999; the Governor General’s Footguards C 431000 to C 431999.

The 64-page paperback book, published by Service Publications, of North York,  is out of print. I consulted it at the Canadian War Museum. It’s also at Library and Archives Canada and the Toronto Public Library, not at the Ottawa Public Library nor the Kingston Frontenac Public Library.

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