LAC ATIP Action Plan and progress

A document is now posted following the Information Commissioner’s highly critical April 2022 report on LAC’s non-compliance with deadlines set out in the Access to Information Act.

The document is an Action Plan. There’s an ATIP Task Force responsible for implementing the plan.

The plan is long on the word will as indicated in this document wordcloud. LAC acknowledges that “tangible results will still take time.”Ancesdotally I hearing of improvements in response time.

Although the document emphasizes what will be done there is just one mention of hiring having been taken.

“LAC has proactively strengthened its ATIP function and improved its capacity to respond to requests by expanding its management team and recruiting new staff across the institution to support the response to ATIP requests.”

What’s “proactive” about this recruitment? How many staff have been recruited to respond directly to ATIP requests?

We llok forward to the next and let’s hope more substantive semi-annual report when “LAC will be reporting on its progress against commitments in this Action Plan, through a combination of qualitative and quantitative measures. Quantitative measures will begin after the fiscal year 2022-23 to demonstrate progress.”

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