Accepted for commemoration by the CWGC

On 23 February, 76 additional names of war casualties identified by the In From the Cold project were accepted for commemoration by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission. No Canadians are on that list.

While the majority are from the Great War, 22 civilians, infants to age 45, died when a Japanese submarine sank the MV Mamutu on an evacuation mission to Australia from PNG on 7 August 1942. There were 28 survivors from the total complement of 120 persons.

Of the others, many must have been overlooked as they died post-discharge, most frequently of tuberculosis.

Only one commissioned officer, Wallace John Taylor, a 49 year old Second Lieutenant with the Home Guard, is included. He was accidentally shot by machine gun. Another WW2 member of the Home Guard, 19 year old David Anderson, also died by an accidental gunshot. Wooden rifles do have their benefits!

All those in this list have last names starting from A to T; there are probably others later in the alphabet awaiting processing by the CWGC.

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