RootsTech: Day 3

Winding up an exhausting conference,  three day, on the main stage my pick is the final presentation, Shared DNA Matches – the only DNA Tool You will Ever Need, by Diahan Southard who has had a really busy RootsTech.

There’s a choice of 7 sessions at 11:30 AM EST including
Discover the FamilySearch Wiki WOW Factor!, by Lisa Louise Cooke; Expanding Your Family Tree with SideView and More AncestryDNA Innovations, by Crista Cowan.

It’s no easier at 3:30 pm EST with Creating the DeepBand: An Anchor Beyond the Census in England, by Richard Taylor Rowley; Are You Related to Royalty? by Myko Clelland; and Follow the Money! Records of the Record Makers, by Judy G. Russell.

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