Massive Update to PRDH

The PRDH (Programme de recherche en démographie historique) database contains a directory of civil status records (baptisms, marriages and burials) in Quebec (1621-1799), a genealogical dictionary of families (1621-1765) and a directory of couples and descendants.

I received an email that today PRDH is adding 738,696 records, 544,537 individuals and 94,264 families to the database. That’s the second largest update in its 24 year history.

The PRDH database, with records to 1861, along with Généalogie Québec, is openly available to Ottawa Public Library cardholders.

2 Replies to “Massive Update to PRDH”

  1. Thanks John
    I will check out these records when we go to Ottawa.
    The records were at Laval University in Quebec City. The records were BMD in each county. the records are now at a monk’s abbey.
    We stayed at a nice B&B -Maison de la tour. The Plains of Abraham were behind the Monticello Tower which was right behind the hotel. Down the street was an art gallery. Towards the waterfront was the Chateau Frontenac which was 2 blocks away. At the hotel was a picture of General Wolfe. I was surprised that it wasn’t Montcalm. The food was made fresh and terrific.

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