BBC History Magazine: May 2021

Feature content this month.

The Peasants Revolt
A new research project has revealed who the insurgents of 1381 really were.

Prime Ministers
Sir Anthony Seldon on how the office has changed over the past 300 years, in the face of rivalries, scandals and war.

The Great Pretender
Nathan Amin explores the threats Henry VII faced from those who tried to capture his throne.

Napoleon in Objects
Emma Butcher and Nicole Cochrane examined 10 objects that show a different side of the French emperor.

Festival of Britain
Harriet Atkinson highlights the international roots of the post-war celebration of Britishness.

John of Gaunt
Helen Carr charts his hard and obsession with seizing the throne of Castile.

Slimming Clubs
Katherine Moseley shines a light onto the social history of weight-loss groups.

Also, there’s news, anniversaries, book reviews and answers to questions like, why strange sea creatures on old maps, who stole George Washington’s wallet, and why are money boxes shaped like pigs?

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