Fix FamilySearch Placename Frustrations

Have you ever been ready to tear your hair out when you find geographical errors on FamilySearch.  There’s plenty of room for confusion for the uninitiated — Prince Edward Island and Prince Edward County!

Now FamilySearch is giving you a new volunteer opportunity to help
fix, or rather standardize, place-names.

You can select a country and will be served information like this (without the map!)

Robert H. Adams

Male1938-2007FamilySearch does not recognize this user-entered place:

Add the standard place that is most similar to what the user entered. What you add will not overwrite or delete the user-entered place. Skip to the next person if you are unsure.

User-Entered Place:
Sea View, Prince Edward Island, Canada

Non standardized place:

This could prove an interesting task for a rainy (snowy!) day. You’d likely even learn some geography.

Give it a try at

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  1. John, It would be wonderful if FamilySearch would switch to historic place name accuracy like WikiTree (with years of applicability next to the place name).

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