Body Snatching

If you’re reading this late at night and would like to sleep soundly you’d be well advised to stop—if you’re liable to have nightmares. Come back in the morning.

DIGGINGUP1800: DISSECTING THE CRIMINAL UNDERWORLD OF BRITAINS BODY SNATCHERS is a website by Suzie Lennox. To start she recommends two of her favourite posts Stealing a Cadaver and Making a Killing.

There’s also a YouTube video Raiders of the Grave: Macabre tales of Bodysnatchers & what churches did to stop them. The presentation starts at 17:10.

A post on the site Oakum Picking In A Victorian Prison is of relevance for my family history. I used an image from that, others could be too gruesome.

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  1. I love this! I wrote a somewhat off-the-wall historical romance about an anatomist who was trafficking with the body snatchers… It was gruesome researching.

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