Identification of the remains of Warrant Officer John Gregory

Y-chromosome haplotyping and genealogical evidence were used to confirm the identity of the remain from HMS Erebus.

That’s all the DNA detail available in the abstract of the article DNA identification of a sailor from the 1845 Franklin northwest passage expedition by Douglas R. Stenton, Douglas R. Stenton, Stephen Fratpietro,
Anne Keenleyside and Robert W. Park in the 28 April issue of the journal Polar Report. I’m not about to lay out $25 US to read the full article.

I shall be interested to find out if a formal analysis of location, carbon dating, physical information from the skeletal remains as well as the DNA and genealogical evidence were formally drawn together in forming the conclusion.

Genealogists can note with pleasure that two of the references are to the Lancashire Online Parish Clerk Project.

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