Findmypast adds Modern Scottish BMDs

Additions to Findmypast this week are:

Scotland, Modern and Civil Births 1855-2019
Compiled from “a number of official and unofficial sources”, this collection has 2,579,212 transcript records. They came to FMP via FamilySearch Intl. There are very few after the start of the 20th century.

Scotland, Modern and Civil Marriages 1855-2019
These 1,068,518 transcript records focus on the years prior to 1875.

Scotland, Modern and Civil Deaths & Burials 1855-2021
This vast record set, 3,327,486 transcript entries, has a focus on the 1928 to 1956 period. The counties of Midlothian (Edinburgh) and Lanarkshire (Glasgow) account for two-thirds of the records.

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