Coming to Ancestry

Here are the new and updated collections expected from Ancestry this month.

Canada, Western Canada, Land Grants, 1870-1930, and Upper and Lower Canada Land Petitions, 1870-1930 (NEW)

Montreal, Québec, Canada, Property Tax Evaluations, 1847-1987 (NEW)

Canada, Obituary Index, 1800s-current (UPDATE)

Westminster, London, England, Cemetery Registers, 1855-1990 (NEW)
Exclusive to Ancestry
281,988 records total
58,147 images

Worcestershire, England, Electoral Registers, 1837-1974 (NEW)
7,306,656 records total
87,364 images

Web: UK and Allied Countries, Index of International Bomber Command Losses, 1936-1968 (NEW)
58,440 records total

Ireland, Casey Collection Indexes, 1545-1960 (NEW)
541,915 records total
13,884 images

Web: Dundee, Scotland, Poor Law Indexes, 1854-1878 (NEW)
14,263 records total

Bedfordshire, England, Workhouse and Poor Law Records, 1830-1920 (UPDATE)
Exclusive to Ancestry
305,293 records being added

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