An Annual General Meeting can often run smoothly, sometimes there are surprises. On Saturday the 23rd AGM for the British Isles Family History Society of Greater Ottawa ran smoothly, all motions passed with unanimous support and there were pleasant surprises.

Newly inducted into the BIFHSGO Hall of Fame is Andrea Harding for her innovative contributions to BIFHSGO’s education program and communications activities, which her ideas, enthusiasm and communications skills have done much to promote.

Best Feature Talk presentation by a member, as voted by members, went to Marianne Rasmus for “A Russian Revelation: A Family Shaped by Significant Events.”

The award for best article in Anglo-Celtic Roots went to Bette Smith for her article “Emily Charts a New Course”.

Certificates of Recognition went to members of the team working on the No 1 Canadian Casualty Clearing Station project: Sheila Duhoo Faure, Heather Carmondy, Marcia Clement, Lynda Gibson, Jean Kitchen, Nigel Lloyd, and Lynne Willoughby.

The new and re-elected Directors are:

Lynne Baxter joined BIFHSGO in 2018 and has worked on her family history since her retirement. She wants to give back to the society and is interested in working on education activities.
Jennifer Hill is the current registrar for the BIFHSGO 2021 Conference. She started researching her family about 20 years ago and joined BIFHSGO two years ago. She was treasurer for the Ottawa Knitting Guild for 4 years and, when asked, agreed to take over this role from Marianne Rasmus.
Ken McKinlay is known to many as a speaker, blogger and the man with the answers. Over the years, he has volunteered in many roles with genealogical societies and the NAC. His keen interest in resources is a good fit for the Research and Projects Director.
Sue Dawes arrived in Ottawa from the UK in 1977, began family research in 2006 and joined BIFHSGO in 2014. She admires BIFHSGO’s work and wants to make her own contribution to its future.
Dianne Brydon will be known to most as the current program director and host of our monthly meetings. Though she has other demanding commitments in the coming year, she wants to “keep her hand in” with BIFHSGO by serving as a director-at-large.
Gillian Leitch has served as the society’s secretary for the past 6 years. She will be continuing as secretary for her final two-year term.

Those continuing their terms are Duncan Monkhouse (President), Marianne Rasmus (moving from Treasurer to Program), Ann Burns (Membership) and Barbara Tose (Past President).

Many thanks to John McConkey who ends his terms having made his mark as Director, Research and Projects, especially lately regarding war brides.

The AGM was followed at 10 am by Great Moments talks from three members; Jill Thompson, Lynne Baxter and Dena Palamedes.

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