FamilySearch Adds 1871 Census of Canada, Schedule 2

Most of us look to census data for information on ancestors living at the time. For the 1871 census of Canada, the first after Confederation, that is Schedule 1 – Nominal return of the living. There are eight other schedules:

  • Schedule 2, Nominal return of the deaths
  • Schedule 3, Return of public institutions, real and personal estate
  • Schedule 4, Return of cultivated land and products
  • Schedule 5, Livestock, animal products, home-made fabrics and furs
  • Schedule 6, Return of industrial establishments
  • Schedule 7, Return of products of the forest
  • Schedule 8, Return of shipping and fisheries
  • Schedule 9, Return of mineral products

Schedule 2, with details of those who died in the 12 months prior to the census, has been available indexed on Ancestry since November 2017 with 45,371 entries. FamilySearch now also has the indexed transcription cited as having been added on 8 June 2021.

Neither Ancestry nor FamilySearch has images of the original record linked, but with the information from search, and with some effort, it may be viewed at the Library and Archives Canada website using directions in the Finding Aid section at 

Schedule 2 is not on Findmypast or MyHeritage.


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