Anglo-Celtic Roots: Summer 2021

For those who lead an impoverished life,  not being members of the British Isles Family History Society of Greater Ottawa, here are the contents of the latest Anglo-Celtic Roots issue. The feature articles, in bold, continue with stories of war brides from the previous issue.

From the Editor.
From the President.
Ida Naylor Bancroft Cooke, War Bride (Brenda Turner).
Our Journey to Canada: Nancy (Nan) Archibald, née Chester, 1921–2021 (Nan Archibald and Margaret Amoroso).
A Tale of Three War Brides (Lynne Willoughby).
The Cream of the Crop (John D. Reid).
Membership Report (Ann Burns).

The present very generous practice is to make a pdf of the issue available to all after a year.

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