Findmypast Weekly Update: Focus on Ireland

Three new collections for those searching Irish ancestry.

Ireland, Petty Sessions Court Registers
From Donegal County Archives, over 62,000 new court records are added making the whole collection over 23 million records. Dates from 1828 to 1923.
The number of records by county is: Carlow 168,361, Cavan 1,112,173, Claire 1,327,993, Cork 1,717,486, Donegal 1,094,093, Dublin 543,743, Galway 2,661,677, Kerry 1,178,557, Kildare 554,800, Kilkenny 802,529, Laois (Queen’s) 516,083, Leitrim 177,003, Limerick 1,542,475, Longford 314,747, Louth 619,257, Mayo 2,082,408, Meath 690,929, Monaghan 882,652, Offlay (King’s) 212,119, Roscommon 785,497, Sligo 459,103, Tipperary 1,427,441, Waterford 999,602, Westmeath 413,430, Wexford 542,456, Wicklow 466,517.
Transcripts are linked to the original document original with more detail.

Ireland, Court of Chancery Bill Books 1627-1884
Uncover family disputes and more in this vast collection of court records spanning over 250 years of Irish legal history.  Cases to Exchequer tended to be land owners, merchants, business owners, professionals and the larger farmers as it was expensive for anyone else to attend court in Dublin. However defendants in cases could come from a broader sector of society.  There are 1,217,591 entries.
I found two entries for an Irish name I search. The year was about the only useful information I was able to glean.

Ireland, Court of Exchequer Bill Books 1627-1884
Did your ancestor have their day in one of Ireland’s busiest courts? Delve into over a million new records to find out.
I found these less useful than the Chancery Bill Books — nothing for the name I search.  Hopefully your search is more productive.

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