Tracing your London Ancestors — NOT Cheap-Cheap

The Society of Genealogists is offering a seven-week course, Saturdays,  3 July – 14 August, each session from 10 am to 11:30 am EDT.

Most of us have people on our family tree that migrated to London. They married, had children, and moved from one suburb to another. London has always been a magnet, attracting people to live and work. The speed with which the population grew in the 18th and 19th centuries is staggering. In 1780, Greater London’s population was 750,000. By 1860, it had grown to 3 million. By 1900, it was over 6 million. Our ancestors are part of that growth. Trying to follow our London ancestors’ lives can be baffling. Someone may have been born in Middlesex, married in Surrey and buried in Holborn – all without ever moving. It’s all related to that population boom and the way that local governments struggled to keep up. They moved boundaries, set up administration areas, and spilled over into other counties like Middlesex, Essex, Surrey and Kent. So how do you effectively search for someone? To tackle that needle in the urban haystack – your London ancestor – we have planned this series of seven Saturday sessions. untangle the complicated administrative boundaries in London. learn new ways of exploring sources in archives. find out what records are available, online and offline.

Each class includes a Q&A. A full programme can be found on our website, where bookings can be made. Classes are recorded and available to anyone who books a place, for up to two weeks afterwards.

Cost £135.00/£108.00 SoG members, with tutors Else Churchill, Ian Waller, John Hanson and Jeff Gerhardt.

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