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If you’re subscribed to the blog you should receive a Daily Update email shortly after 7 am. I’m hearing for some it’s delayed. Please check the timeslot you usually receive the email.

When is the Anglo-Celtic-Connections Daily Update email usually delivered to you, please use North America Eastern Timezone?

Thanks for helping.

6 Replies to “Blog Delivery”

  1. 12.03 pm today, but as I’m in England and so 5 hours ahead of you, the speed of transmission over this distance still seems incredible.
    Thank you for all your Blogs

  2. The email containing the piece about Blog Delivery has a date and time on it of 29/6/2021 9.08 PM. I was off my PC by then so I read it this morning, 30 June.

  3. I received yesterday’s this morning and although time-stamped 7:02am it was after midnight the next day. The same happened the previous day. It is now Wednesday, June 30th at 1pm and I have not received the email from today although it was in my husband’s email quite promptly. (Two different computers.) I am sorry that you are experiencing these problems; I look forward to reading your blog each day.

  4. I have not yet received today’s email and it is after 1pm on June 30th. My husband receives his promptly before 8am. The last two days I have received the morning email after 11pm that night although the time stamp on it says 7:02am. I am sorry that you are experiencing problems, not of your making. I do look forward to reading your daily emails in the morning; now they are just yesterday’s emails.

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