Family Tree Magazine: August 2021

Editor Helen Tovey comments in her lead column about an article in this issue on whether to prune your family tree. “Now I think we can agree that pruning a family tree is a terrible idea.” “So I would say definitely don’t even think about pruning …”

Rather than the analogy of a tree why not a garden. It has a variety of plants  —shrubs, bushes, flowers of different colours that appear at different seasons, big ones, small ones (some as big as your head!), vegetables and herbs.

You may want just direct line ancestors, maybe for DNA purposes. Perhaps divide by paternal and maternal sides. Perhaps one associated with a prominent ancestor, or a brick-wall ancestor.

The garden analogy is good because you do need to weed out the speculative connections that turn out to be errors, we all make them along the way.

Here is an almost complete table of contents.

Family History News
Key 20th Century Scottish Resources
Dear Paul
20 Things You Need to Know About FamilySearch
The Life, Times and Mysterious Death of Josiah Henry Harris
Trade Directories
What We Learned at DNA Bootcamp
Family Tree Acadamy: 19th C Naval Records
The Online Genealogical Index
DNA Workshop
Family Tree Generator
Diary Dates
Your Questions
Diary Dates
Thoughts On

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