Ancestry Commissions Second World War Art

To mark the 80th anniversary of the Blitz, Ancestry commissioned 80 pieces of art, each inspired by historical records from WWII. Explore the gallery to see stories of everyday people from around the UK brought to life.

Check out the YouTube video on the project and see the array of art.

Recommended. Bravo Ancestry!

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  1. I agree John. They did this well. One thing that amazes me is that many people do not seek out and read original testiments to how things were during the war. I have many such books, from those women at Bletchley Park, to a woman who ran the high level information service to senior UK military offices (Joan Bright Astley who wrote The Inner Circle) and later planned meetings of senior military staff with other allies. Such books are cheaply available at Abebooks, if you look for them with the right search terms. Cheers, BT

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