WDYTYA Magazine: August 2021

Headlining the August WDYTYA issue is Sporting Ancestors by Keith Gregson, author of a book by the same title. He explains how football, rugby, cricket and tennis among others exploded in popularity in the UK in the Victorian period, culminating in the re-establishment of the Olympic Games. Look to digitized newspapers as a major source for finding family members competing, as I did to find a relative playing cricket for Rokeby, Saskatchewan. You may be lucky and find preserved ephemera such as scorecards, club programs, magazines and annual reports.
Nick Peers writes in Photo Books on how you can bring your photos together in a professionally printed book to be treasured down the generations (perhaps)!
Felix Rowe writes about The Packet Service, the way mail was transported outside Great Britain before being contracted to private companies like Cunard around 1850,

Other content is how to get more out of trade directories and a masterclass guide to Prairie Province’s censuses of 1906, 1916 and 1926.

A reminder that the issue is available free online through Press Reader at the Ottawa Public Library website and many other Canadian public libraries for their subscribers.

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