Findmypast Subtracts Canadian and US Newspapers

That’s right — subtracts — not adds. This time it’s less. Findmypast no longer makes available Canadian (and US) newspapers.

The papers that were available were from, are still available at that subscription site.

Canadian newspapers were one of the few exclusive benefits Findmypast provided by way of Canadian records. Without question FMP is invaluable for the exclusive UK record, is the subscription worthwhile for Canadian research?

The FMP catalogue has 242 datasets when filtered for Canada. Top of the list by number of records is British & Irish Roots Collection with over 63 million records, a little over 11 million when filtered for Canada. Mostly these are duplicated from Passenger Lists Leaving UK 1890-1960 and census records, both available as separate FMP titles and available at competitor websites.

The World War 2 Allies Collection has over 15 million records but just over 11 thousand when filtered for Canada. They are mostly from the Commonwealth War Graves Commission.

This table is a complete list of FMP titles with more than 10,000 Canadian records. Most if not all are to be found elsewhere, many freely available, so is a subscription worthwhile?  Now questionable for Canadian research if you have other access.

Record Set Canadian Records
British & Irish Roots Collection 11,235,113
Canada Census 1911 7,157,334
United States, Canadian Border Crossings 6,150,580
Passenger Lists Leaving UK 1890-1960 5,418,130
Canada Census 1901 5,167,206
Canada Census 1891 4,539,639
Canada Census 1881 4,273,962
Canada Census 1871 3,292,788
Canada Census 1861 2,764,253
Ontario Birth Index 1860-1920 2,076,058
Canadian Headstones Index 1,881,403
Canada Census 1851 1,364,597
Canada Billion Graves Cemetery Index 1,343,005
British Columbia, Canada, Death Index, 1872-1992 994,738
Manitoba Probate Records 1871-1930 Browse 802,992
New Brunswick, County Deed Registry Books Image Browse 792,235
British Columbia Estate Files 1859-1949 Browse 783,176
Ontario, Canada, Federal Census Of 1871 Ontario Index, 1871 374,095
Canadian Directories & Almanacs 356,897
Manitoba Marriage Index 154,052
Manitoba Birth Index 143,055
Ontario Genealogical Society Provincial Index 132,979
Canada, Home Children Immigration Records Index, 1869-1930 125,086
Manitoba Death Index 112,525
Prince Edward Island, Canada, 1891 Census Index, 1891 105,373
Prince Edward Island, Canada, 1901 Census Index, 1901 104,139
Lower Canada Census 1825 74,323
New Brunswick, Canada, Land Petitions Index, 1783-1918 66,872
Canada, Saskatchewan Vital Records Birth Index 64,614
Alberta, Canada, Metis National Council Historical Online Database Index, 1770-1919 60,717
Canada, Saskatchewan Vital Records Death Index 55,302
Lower Canada Census 1842 46,467
New Brunswick, Canada, Marriage Bonds Index, 1810-1932 41,282
British Columbia, Canada, Birth Registration Index, 1872-1903 36,930
British Columbia, Canada, Birth Index, 1854-1903 36,602
Canada, Ontario, Oddfellows Life Insurance Applications 31,167
British Columbia, Canada, Baptism Index, 1772-1888 30,942
Brandon, Manitoba, Canada, Estate Index, 1884-1984 29,414
Canada, Ontario, Toronto Emigrant Office Records Index 29,064
Canada, Immigrants To Canada Index, 1750-1854 25,353
New Brunswick Birth and Baptism Index 1769-1899 25,219
New Brunswick, Canada, Irish Immigrants In The New Brunswick Census Of 1851 and 1861 Index, 1851, 1861 21,048
Portage La Prairie, Manitoba, Canada, Estate Index, 1884-1984 18,455
World War 2 Allies Collection 11,376

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