Internet Genealogy Aug/Sept 2021

Again, there’s lots of good reading in the latest Internet Genealogy issue. Something for everyone, beginner to specialist interest.

Here are my top three odd-ball picks from this issue

Stranger Than Fiction: Bathing Machines, by Sue Lisk
None of today’s skimpy bikinis. In the eighteenth, nineteenth
and early years of the twentieth-century sea bathing demanded modesty. The bathing machine allowed seaside bathers, particularly women, to change in and out of their swimming attire inside the vans pulled by horses in and out of the water.  The article gives websites to consult to learn about these strange contraptions your ancestors might have used.

Divining for the Dead, by Robbie Gorr
Explores a debatable method of locating unrecorded, unmarked or forgotten graves of our ancestors. Divining, more often used to find water, is a less expensive and more accessible alternative to using ground-penetrating radar, the method chosen to find residential school graves. I’m highly skeptical, the article explains the technique and gives links to YouTube videos.

AI, Genealogy and You: A Perfect Match? by Tony Bandy
Looks at the integration of artificial intelligence in family history. Tony points to uses in websites commonly used for family history that you may not have thought of as AI.

There’s much more, including Dave Obee’s Back Page column: If My Memory Serves Me Correctly…

See the contents, with links to the first page of underlined articles, at

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