Change or Increase?

BIFHSGO members have received an email “Changes to BIFHSGO membership  fees.” Like most organizations, commercial or community, BIFHSGO doesn’t like to say outright that fees are increasing. The way around it is to use the word change instead. Or in this case, maybe not — depending on your choices. Let’s unravel the knot!

The way it’s explained to me if you opt to receive the society quarterly chronicle Anglo-Celtic Roots electronically your individual membership fee for 2022 will remain $50 — no change (or increase.)

If you want a paper copy mailed the annual individual fee for 2022 will increase from $50 to $60.

The increase will not totally cover the cost of printing and mailing.

There are also changes to the cost of BIFHSGO family memberships.

How does that compare? A basic OGS membership is $63 plus fees for any branches or special interest groups, with no mailed journal.

Here’s a rundown of 2021 society membership fees across Canada

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