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The folks at continue adding to the Serials collection, 520,000 pages in 2020-21 despite COVID restrictions. They are about 95% of the way through making available material from the CIHM collection, the original purpose of the Canadiana initiative, and thinking about what comes next.

In the meantime we’re teased with information on serials titles to appear soon. There are 111 additions to the “Coming Soon” list. 28 have “Annual” as the first word of the title, 24 “Minutes” and 21 “Report.” Dates are from 1829 to 1925.

Some of the more interesting titles are Maritimes newspapers: Watchman – Saint John, N.B. (1875-1877), Saturday gazette – Saint John, N.B. (1887-1888), Guardian  – Bay Roberts, NL (1910 – 1925), Fredericton Globe (1891-1893), Evening gazette – Saint John, N.B. (1889-1891). Also the Victoria Weekly Times (1893-1895).

Find the complete list of “Coming Soon” and “Recently Added” items here.

I’m informed LAC is picking up the pace of digitization of item to be added to the Héritage collection. First priority is items requested by researchers, then filling in gaps in series already represented.

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