Ancestry Updates Find a Grave Index

Since the end of March, a median of 6.2% of records have been added to the Find a Grave Index on Ancestry. Leading in increases, nearly 20% more index records, is the UK and Ireland. Canada’s total is up by 5.2%. An updated figure for the US is not yet available.

Country Dates 18 August 2021 31 March 2021
U.S. 1600s-Current ? 161,058,083
Global 1300s-Current 18,108,373 17,547,571
UK and Ireland 1300s-Current 13,076,152 10,918,486
Australia and New Zealand 1800s-Current 9,342,735 8,986,286
Canada 1600s-Current 8,528,651 8,104,545
Germany 1600s-Current 1,647,357 1,507,399
Italy 1800s-Current 232,222 216,616
Norway 1800s-Current 204,100 197,584
Brazil 1800s-Current 130,664 129,786
Sweden 1800s-Current 115,898 106,588
Mexico 1800s-Current 48,638 44,507

The actual Find a Grave website shows fewer records available than advertised by Ancestry.

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  1. I was quite dismayed to get a pop up “please allow ads on our site”. Ancestry isn’t making enough money to support a volunteer content site?

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