Advance Notice: Webtember from Legacy Family Tree Webinars

Each Friday in September: 30 live and pre-recorded webinars in all free to view through the end of the month.

Register here for the live presentations. The pre-recorded presentations will be available at

Date Time (ET) Live/Pre-recorded Speaker Title
3 Sep  10:00am Live Geoff Rasmussen FAN Club in Action: a Simple Case Study
11:00am Live Roberta Estes Paint Your Way Up Your Tree with MyHeritage and DNAPainter
12:30pm Live Peggy Clemens Lauritzen, AG America’s Turnpikes, Rivers, and Canals
2:00pm Live here Anita Wills Notes and Documents of Free Persons of Color
Pre-recorded Teresa Steinkamp McMillin, CG Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of German Military Records
Pre-recorded Dr. Bruce Durie How Can I Get a Legal Coat of Arms in Scotland?
Pre-recorded Denise May Levenick Seventeen Secrets to Successful Scanning
Pre-recorded Mary Kircher Roddy, CG Finding Jane Graham’s Parents: Using Clusters and Records in Three Countries
10 Sep 8:00am Live Carol Baxter British and Irish Given Names – Part 1
9:30am Live Daniel Horowitz Don’t Believe Everything You Read
11:00am Live Craig R. Scott, MA, CG, FUGA The Loyalists That Stayed Behind: The Reintegration
12:30pm Live DearMYRTLE and Russ Worthington NEVER GIVE UP: 5 Strategies for Overcoming Genealogical Angst
Pre-recorded Carol Baxter British and Irish Given Names – Part 2
Pre-recorded Debra Renard What are the Odds? Finding Answers Using DNA Painter’s WATO Tool
Pre-recorded Schelly Talalay Dardashti Did your Abuelita…? Seeking Jewish Heritage
Pre-recorded Melissa Barker Diaries, Journals and Calendars: Preserving and Document Your Ancestor’s Day-to-Day Life
17 Sep  9:30am Live James Tanner Researching Immigrants to New England in the Great Migration, 1620-1640
11:00am Live Janice Lovelace, PhD Afro-LatinX in the Old West
12:30pm Live Daniel Horowitz Genealogy on the Go with the MyHeritage Mobile App
2:00pm Live here Lianne Kruger A Toboggan Ride Through Canadian Records, eh!
Pre-recorded Rebecca Koford, CG, CGL Out of the Ballot Box: Voter Registrations & Records
Pre-recorded Marie Cappart Beneluxury archives! How to get the best out of belgian, dutch and lux archives online
Pre-recorded Fiona Brooker A Step Through Time(lines)
24 Sep 8:00am Live Michelle Leonard Inferred Matching Explained
9:30am Live Thomas MacEntee The Mysterious Death of Anna T. McPhillips
11:00am Live Judy G. Russell, JD, CG, CGL “Twelve Good and Lawful Men”: Jury Lists in Genealogy
12:30pm Live Paul Woodbury Where Did That Come From?! Tracing the Origins of Unique Ethnicity Admixture
Pre-recorded Michael L. Strauss, AG Roosevelt’s Tree Army: Researching the Civilian Conservation Corps
Pre-recorded Lisa Toth Salinas Beginning Hungarian Genealogy
Pre-recorded Cathie Sherwood One family, many connections: Using the FAN club in one Australian locality


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