Evaluation of the LAC Co-Lab Initiative

In May 2019 a report “Evaluation of the Co-Lab Initiative: 2016–2017 to 2018–2019” was published. Three recommendations were made to which, with a reservation on the first, LAC management agreed.

Recommendation 1: As the initiative evolves, document the strategic thinking around Co-Lab and its future directions.
Recommendation 2: Define and document what success for the initiative is and how it will be demonstrated.
Recommendation 3:
a. Ensure that the reporting system currently being developed identifies meaningful performance measures that include output and outcome indicators.
b. Ensure that consistent performance data is gathered as the initiative evolves to ensure that progress toward expected results can be demonstrated over time.
c. Document the rationale for any major changes to performance measurement.

Anticipated completion dates of December 2019 and September 2021 were stated. It is now September 2021.  Are performance indicators now being monitored on a quarterly basis as stipulated to be completed by this month in recommendation 3b?

In view of the lack of any progress on the Co-Lab challenges last month, and very limited progress previously, will LAC management conduct or commission a follow-on review? 

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