Internet Genealogy: Oct-Nov 2021

Below is the table of contents for the new issue from Moorshead Magazines. Editor/publisher Ed Zapletal informs that due to press delays the issue will be available to subscribers and newsstands in mid-October.

A Convict Mother’s Plea: Researching Criminal Ancestors?
Michelle Dennis investigates UK and Australian records for one mother’s efforts to save her convict son

The Dublin Gazette
David A. Norris looks at the value of the official government newspaper and its importance to genealogists today

Cats and Ladders: Ancestral Superstitions
Sue Lisk looks at superstitions, their origins, and how they connect us to our roots

AM Explorer
Diane L. Richard investigates the Adam Matthew Digital Collection

What Genealogists and Societies Have Learned During the Pandemic
George G. Morgan looks at what we’ve learned and gained from navigating a major health and economic disaster

Down on the Farm, Back to Our Roots
Sue Lisk looks at resources to help you learn about your ancestors’ farm-related experiences

You Eat What You Are
Robbie Gorr suggests preserving your family’s culinary history

Plot Like a Pro with Plottr
Lisa A. Alzo reviews a powerful tool for plotting your family history book

Genealogy Brainstorming with Popplet
Lynn Cassity looks at a brainstorming app for all ages

Judy Records
Diane L. Richard investigates a website containing records of hundreds of millions of U.S. Court Cases

Making Inferences in Genealogy
Ed Storey looks at drawing inferences and using facts to fill in some of the missing information when bringing ancestors to life

Internet Genealogy looks at websites and related news that are sure to be of interest

Back Page: The Genealogy of Things, The Genealogy of Ideas
Dave Obee says write stories that help describe your ancestors, and help you to understand what made them tick!

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