LAC gradually closing!

A researcher tried booking the main LAC research room for a Friday and was told they will be closing on Fridays. That would mean LAC will only be open 3 days a week.

The death of 1,000 cuts. Does the 24/7 service offered through the web compensate for the olden days when the PAC boasted one could research in person 24/7?

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  1. It has been many years since I lived in Ottawa and could research in person. It was 24/7 then on site. I was hoping to do that again now I am retired. It will really discourage out of towners like me if it is only open three days a week. I doubt if everything is digitized. I am planning to get to Scotland’s People on my next trip to Scotland (they were five days a week last I heard) but note that they have remote computers in Glasgow and Inverness. Instead of more access to information we are getting less.

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