Farewell Your Genealogy Today

As previously announced, Moorshead Magazines is ceasing publication of Your Genealogy Today. As Editor/Publisher Ed Zapletal explains Moorshead Magazines Ltd. is
proud to announce that we are
celebrating 25 years of publishing
genealogy magazines, however,
the milestone is bittersweet. As
much as we would like to go forward with two genealogy publications, the events of the last 20
months have made it necessary
for us to shift our strategy. Delays
in printing due to paper and workforce shortages, as well as transportation and distribution issues
brought on by the Pandemic will see Your Genealogy Today
merged into Internet Genealogy to become a single title effective with the upcoming Internet Genealogy October/November
2021 issue. 

Contents of the farewell issue are:

Genealogy Magazines Today!
Donna Potter Phillips lauds 25 years of publishing genealogy magazines from Moorshead Magazines Ltd.

Breaking Down Genealogical Brick Walls with Church Records
David A. Norris looks at church records and how they can help in
getting past research roadblocks.

Tell Me a Story: Sharing Your Family History Aloud
Sue Lisk suggests ideas for getting into oral-story telling mode
when the opportunity arises.

Conceived Through Reconciliation: Birth of a Passion
Yvette LaGonterie embarks on a journey to uncover her Antillean roots.

The Passing of The Silent Generation
Robbie Gorr looks at the necessity of interviewing senior family members.

Finding Hidden Fathers
Ed Storey looks at English records that may help you to locate a missing father in your tree.

Piecing Together the Puzzles of Personality
Sue Lisk looks for the clues that will help us piece together an
ancestor’s personality.

“Shhhh! I’ll Let You In On a Secret: Our Female Ancestors Are Found in Ledgers” — Part 2, by Diane L. Richard.

Letters Corresponding to Genealogy
Joe Grandinetti says letters home by Irish emigrants have a
unique relevance to genealogy.

Us and Them
Stephen L. W. Greene looks at why it’s important to go beyond the bounds
of your own family when doing genealogy research.

Your Ancestors Come to Life!
Melody Amsel-Arieli gets into Deep Nostalgia, the animation technology
from MyHeritage that can seemingly bring family photos to life.

The Back Page: Do You Have a Disaster Plan?
Dave Obee reminds us why we should be prepared for catastrophic events.

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