OGS Grow Our Family

Once again this year the Ontario Genealogical Society, known to some of its friends as Ontario Ancestors, is offering a half-off matching program for membership. Once again I’m looking for someone new who would like to join the OGS to match with me. And, I’m offering to match others. If you’re not an OGS member and would like to be, send me your name and email address. If you’re an OGS member and would like to match with a newbie, send me your name and email address.  The chances of finding a match if you’re a potential new member are excellent.

Send your information to john dot d dot reid at gmail dot com.

Find information about the Grow Our Family program at https://ogs.on.ca/grow-family-campaign/

The list of members wanting to pair is now quite long. Newbies will have no problems finding a match.

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