Find a Grave Index Updates

Ancestry’s updated index databases for Find a Grave on 3 November showing gradual increases , 2.3% for the UK and Ireland and 0.9% for Canada. In terms of the percent of the current population, for Canada it’s 22%, for the UK and Ireland 19%, and for the US 50%.

Country Period 3 Nov Records 18 Aug Records
U.S. 1600s-Current 165,337,431
UK and Ireland 1300s-Current 13,369,742 13,076,152
Global 1300s-Current 12,332,919
Australia and New Zealand 1800s-Current 9,478,641
Canada 1600s-Current 8,575,861 8,528,651
Germany 1600s-Current 1,635,287
Italy 1800s-Current 234,439
Norway 1800s-Current 202,299
Sweden 1800s-Current 136,898
Brazil 1800s-Current 130,344
Mexico 1800s-Current 49,397

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