Findmypast weekly update

Here are the FMP additions this week,

Indian Army Service Records, 1900-1947
These newly-released Indian Army records of service store detailed information for 12,760 military servicemen and women. From captains to conductors, colonels to cooks, these documents provide invaluable insights into the lives of those that served.

Dotted throughout the Indian Army Service Records are the few female privates that served in the Women’s Auxiliary Corps, India. Formed in 1942, these women relieved service personnel in the Army, Navy, and Air Forces, providing invaluable support throughout the war.

Greater Burnley Roll of Honour
This focused 4,100 item collection details those from the Greater Burnley area of Lancashire that lost their lives during the First World War.

Though most of these records specify everything from regiment to home address, some entries go as far as to note the nature of a soldier’s death or even pay homage to his honours and awards.

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