Sunday Sundries

Miscellaneous items I found of interest during the week.

Time to ban fossil fuel advertising. Tobacco, alcohol and cannabis advertising are banned. When will GHG spewing vehicle advertising be banned? Look for measures such as that in the Speech from the Throne — or recognize the government isn’t sufficiently serious.

I’ve been hoping the BBC WDYTYA episode with Pixie Lott would become available on YouTube. Not yet. In the meantime.

Free Irish Genealogy eBooks

GBNames maps surname distribution from historical census data and modern consumer registers.

The “Dating Apps” of Victorian England

1000 Men, 1000 Stories: Canadians in Combined Operations, WW2. Eyewitness Accounts.

BCATP 1943 Canada
Following on the post on The History of Port Albert: No. 31 ANSRoy Cook recalls his early training days with the RAF Meteorology Office in Port Albert.

Thanks to this week’s contributors. Ann Burns, Anonymous, Brenda Turner, Christine Jackson, Jane MacNamara, Judith H., Nancy Frey, Unknown.

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