BBC History Magazine: December 2021

Feature articles for the December issue.

Alexander’s afterlife
The Macedonian leader conquered swathes of the ancient world – but, as Edmund Richardson. Reveals, his reach extended farther still after death.

Lessons from Afghanistan
Can revisiting misrepresented or untold aspects of history help us better understand the situation today? An expert panel debates key topics.

A people’s princess
Long before Diana, the British public adored another ill-fated princess. Tracy Borman tells the tragic tale of the prince Regent’s daughter Charlotte.

Hereward the Wake
Matt Lewis teases fact from myth in the story of the outlaw who defied William the Conqueror.

Ireland divided
Charles Townsend identifies the key episodes that led to the partition of Ireland into north and south.

Making melancholy fashionable
Mary and Lund discusses how the condition captured the imagination of Renaissance Britain.

Queen of spades
Rebecca Wragg Sykes introduces the groundbreaking female archaeologists of the 1930s who dug for success in the face of sexism .

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