Sunday Sundries

Miscellaneous items I found of interest during the week.

KnowTechie: Surprise! Three out of four adults think Facebook is bad for society. “If you’ve seen or heard any kind of news lately, you’re probably aware of just how much scrutiny Facebook has come under over the last couple of months. Well, a new survey from CNN shows just how bad Facebook’s reputation has gotten. Three out of four adults say that the company makes society worse.”

What Makes Life Meaningful? Views From 17 Advanced Economies

Historical Thinking Concepts
Are these applicable to family history?

We transformed a London borough into a game to get fewer people travelling by car – here’s what happened

Thanks to this week’s contributors. Anonymous, Glenn,  jgladore, Judith H.,  Teresa, Unknown.

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  1. Historical Thinking Concepts presents the question WHY from a number of angles. Really just what the curious mind does when researching family history!

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