Bert Hayward R. I. P.

Bertram Anthony (Bert) Hayward passed away on November 19, 2021, at the age of 83.

Bert was named to the BIFHSGO Hall of Fame in 2019 “In recognition of his life-long interest in, and encouragement of, family history and genealogy. Bert was a volunteer for many events and projects during his time as a BIFSHGO member, usually in the background.”  He had a particular interest in home children including assisting in the Children’s Emigration Homes (Middlemore) Indexing Project.

His other interests included woodworking and photography — contributing photographs as an Assistant Editor of Anglo-Celtic Roots.

Bert, who had a career with the Canadian military, was born in Essex, England in late 1937,  son of the late Trevor Hayward and the late Phyllis Morley. He was in a Home in Essex for a while during the War.

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