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I’ve been wondering what Rick and Sandra Roberts have in the Global Heritage Press pipeline.

Here it is, a 450-page tomb billed as the first complete and comprehensive nominal Index of Audit Office 13 (AO13) claims & documents, a book that most libraries with a reference section and interest in Loyalists will want in their collection. Individuals wondering why they can’t find their Loyalist ancestor(s) on Ancestry will want the more affordable pdf.

Index to Monetary Claims by American Loyalists – A New Index to Audit Office 13
By William Bruce Antliff
Published by Global Heritage Press, Ottawa, 2021
ISBN 9781772401882 (hardcover)

The documents, archived at TNA as AO13, were collected and produced by a number of British commissions that examined monetary claims by American colonists who claimed to remain loyal to the British Crown during the American Revolution (United Empire Loyalists).

Although the documents in AO13 are available at Ancestry, “comparing the results of using this New Index versus using the AO13 search box results in Ancestry, showed that Ancestry’s indexing of AO13 is very incomplete.”

William Bruce Antliff, now well into his 90s, has published on Loyalists since the 1980s,


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