Public Libraries Reduce Service

If you plan a visit to a public library, or any other GLAM facility, do check on its situation before you leave.  Here’s the current situation at Ottawa, Toronto and Brampton.

Ottawa Public Library is reducing opening hours as of Monday 10 January “to avoid the need for sudden closures to respond to fluctuating staffing levels. Weekday hours of operation for most branches and Infoservice will be:

Monday: 10 am – 6 pm
Tuesday: 1 pm – 8 pm
Wednesday: 10 am – 6 pm
Thursday: 1 pm – 8 pm

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday hours remain the same.

Some services are suspended: seating, study carrels and lounge areas; Chromebook-lending; In-branch use of newspaper and magazines; Creation spaces.

The Toronto Public Library is temporarily closing 44 branches due to COVID-19 related staffing shortages. Fifty-two of TPL’s largest and most-used library branches remain open.

Seven of eight branches at Brampton Library continue with the usual hours although in-branch services are reduced.



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  1. Interesting choice – fortunately, so far, the library where I work has been able to maintain our current hours, which are still down from pre-pandemic levels, but sufficient for the majority of our patrons.

    It’s good to see OPL has a variety of hours, giving everyone a chance to use their facilities…I know for many of our patrons, the library is the only place they can access their email.

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