LAC Dishonourable Mention

Canada’s broken Access to Information system is at the heart of the recognition of LAC with a dishonourable mention for the huge delays it has sought for completing requests made under the Access to Information Act.

The 65 year delay, originally 80 years, when one researcher sought old RCMP records is a prominent case. Almost everyone who has made an application to LAC has experienced delays, often months and more.

The dishonourable mention is in a news release from The Code of Silence Awards presented annually by The Canadian Association of Journalists, the Centre for Free Expression at Ryerson University (CFE), and Canadian Journalists for Free Expression (CJFE).

The release also mentions that LAC has made cuts that have left its archival reading room open just three days per week.

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  1. My request for my late father’s WWII record went through ATIP, of course, and by the time I was given access to the information it was a year later and I could not even remember what I had asked for. That is awful. Cheers anyway, BT

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