Military Monday: CWGC age information

Ages are only in the Commonwealth War Graves Commission database when provided by the next of kin. How many lack age information?

I used as a sample the 666 Canadian airmen buried at Harrowgate (Stonefall) Cemetery as listed in the database.

There are 77 (11.5%) with no age given. Most do have a birthdate on the LAC Service Files of the Second World War – War Dead, 1939-1947 database.

Birthdates for all but one of the others, Joseph Donat Bedard, can be easily found. For Bedard, there’s only a baptismal record.

I wonder if present-day next of kin, who may be two or more generations distant, can have age information added to the CWGC database? Perhaps the CWGC imposes the same limitation that they do in their periodic appeal for relatives, without making it clear they mean grandchildren, nieces, nephews etc and that cousins, including first cousins, are too far removed.

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