Who Do You Think You Are Magazine: March 2022

The feature articles in the March issue are

Search like a pro
Who Do You Think You Are? Magazine editor Sarah Williams shares her expert advice on family history research.

You’ve probably heard most of these, and probably forgotten to apply some of them. A good refresher.

Surname switch
Hints from Paul Blake on how to trace ancestors who changed their names.

Chances are a name change was informal leaving no record, like a common-law wife using the partner’s surname. The article explores some of the less common means for changing a name.

Photo competition results
See the winners of our first-ever family photo competition.

The history of women’s football
Sara Tor on the women who pioneered on the pitch

Reader story
Hazel Garas on how she investigated a murder in her family tree

Also, not featured, just good information, in items on Divorce Records by Rebecca Probert, Scottish Migration by Chris Paton, and research in Suffolk by Jonathon Scott.

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