Global Heritage Press republishes Carol Bennett-McCuaig books

Researchers with roots in Ontario’s Lanark and Renfrew Counties are aware of prolific author Carol Bennett-McCuaig‘s books. Now in 2022 Global Heritage Press (GHP) is republishing some of those. Already available are Invisible Womenand Founding Families of Beckwith Township: 1816-1846.

Coming later this month will be The Kerry Chain, The Limerick Link. Rick Roberts tells me this is especially name-rich.

Others planned to be republished by GHP, likely before summer, are:

Valley Irish
In Search of Lanark
In Search of the K&P
In Search of the Red Dragon – the Welsh in Canada
Leinster to Lanark
The Bennett Family Millennium Book
Wardens of Renfrew County

These add to her popular books Peter Robinson’s Settlers and The Lanark Society Settlers previously republished by GHP.  Long-time BIFHSGO members may recall that Carol published an article on the Lanark Settlers as the first article in the first issue of Anglo-Celtic Roots.

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2 Replies to “Global Heritage Press republishes Carol Bennett-McCuaig books”

  1. John, I am so happy they are printing these again. I so often meet people who have history also linked to Lanark, and have not been able to pass on Carol’s books.

    So glad to hear this. Thanks, and cheers, BT

  2. John, thanks for printing this info. My gggrandparents came over on the Prompt in 1820, the Hood, Jack and Todd families. I found the list with 1861 census that was published. Carol might be like this information. The families moved to Innisfil Tp. south of Barrie in Simcoe County.

    My ggggrandmother was Jane McCaig.

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