Canadian records in the MyHeritage Filae Family Trees

Filae Family Trees is a collection containing 269,472,549 records, new and the 11th largest database on MyHeritage. It’s a compilation of lineage-linked trees submitted by users. The content comes from further afield than France.

Records typically include first and last names, dates and places of births, marriages, and deaths. Individuals in this collection are linked to parents, spouse(s), siblings, and children and each record links back to the same individual on Filae.

The collection is living, not that information on living people is displayed, but it’s updated automatically to reflect changes made to the original trees by their respective submitters.

What’s not in France? A search for death place Canada yields 1,295,060 results. Search for death place England and find 731,292 results. 

There’s a lesson there that bears preaching more often — don’t judge the relevance of a database by its title.

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