Findmypast Weekly Update

This week Findmypast headlines the 7,914  entries in the Quaker Women’s Petition, 1659. This anti-tithe petition delivered to Parliament was organized by the Society of Friends, or ‘Quakers’.  Not all signatories were followers of the faith, but all disagreed with the taxes imposed by the Church of England. The index, created from an early 1900s transcription, gives first and last name and location which is typically a county or group of counties.

A larger new collection, over 50,00 records, is Lincolnshire burial transcriptions for the parishes of Horncastle (1559-1684, 18,039 records), Louth (1754-1812, 4,939 records), Bourne ( 1562- 1562,  19,574 records) and Great Grimsby (1855-1943, 14,712 records).

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