Military Monday: Edward Cohen (1895-1917)

As mentioned before, I’ve been trying the new MyHeritage LiveStory facility. This is the story of my granduncle, based on a still image of my grandfather who died in 1971 as the presenter, my words in his mouth, and the voice of “Andrew” one of the LiveStory options.

4 Replies to “Military Monday: Edward Cohen (1895-1917)”

  1. Well done, John! It was a lot of work to piece all this together. It is exciting to hear and yet strange as well.
    M. Anne Sterling

  2. It turned out very well. I have yet to try it but plan to do so. Ideally I would like my Norwegian great grandfather and Welsh 3rd great grandmother to say something in their native language then switch to English but I don’t suppose the technology provides for that yet – maybe next year.

  3. This is just remarkable. Your use of the advanced MyHeritage technology and your documentation of records is quite mesmerizing. It must have taken a lot of time, plus skill, to put this together.

  4. This technology is scary. Where will it lead?
    It works well in this case, but it’s not hard to see how it could be misused.

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