Sunday Sundries

Miscellaneous items I found of interest during the week.

What do the British call their grandparents?

Canadian Research Knowledge Network
As of 1 April CKRN, including Canadiana, are consolidating operations in space at 395 Wellington Street. “Since March 2020, most CRKN staff have been successfully working remotely. Staff who do need to use office space to complete portions of their work, such as our digitization staff, typically use the equipment available at our Wellington St. office.”

Ukraine: Putin isn’t mad – he’s following a long-established great power playbook for conquest

London Trivia Questions
How many of these can you answer correctly? Answers next Sunday

1. What’s the title of the song by Coldplay with London in the title?

2. Which cemetery was also known as The London Necropolis?

3. What work did a resurrection man do?

4. Which cemetery was across the road from the London Metropolitan Archives

5. Which railway station had a platform dedicated for funeral trains? What was it used for in more recent years?

6. True or false? From 1760 to 1777 under George the Third it was illegal to transport a dead body across London Bridge.

7. Which London park has a pet cemetery?

8. Which notorious burial site was close to St Catherine’s House and the LSE?
Enon Chapel.

9. What was the Metropolitan Sepulchre?

10. True or false. The underground deviated from straight lines to avoid plague pits?

Support #History for Ukraine

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