History for Ukraine

I’m hoping there’s a typo in the program for this most interesting event. It gives times for New York as EST, but its 4 hours different from GMT until the UK moves clocks forward to summertime on Sunday morning.

I confess to not having heard of most of the headliner speakers. Some of the talks I’d most like to hear are in the early morning in Ottawa (and its suburb called New York!)

Find the program here and an abbreviated version with times in four time zones here.

The event gets underway on Saturday at 8 am Ottawa time streaming on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCO0KMC1jECX4fr0u3fopQBQ

Unfortunately, Canada has no profile and the only talk with a Canadian connection, Professor Elaine Chaus on Ukraine and Canada is scheduled at 2 am on Sunday morning!

There is no registration fee, The event is a fundraiser for the British Red Cross Society. Those of us in Canada might prefer to donate to the Canadian Red Cross  Ukraine Humanitarian Crisis Appeal.

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  1. I believe they do move their clocks forward this coming weekend – the last in March. We used to do the same but to earlier (and later in the fall) when the US did.

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